Advanced Schedule Maker

The Schedule Maker uses the different formats schools provide to convert them into a format easily accessible to all students. By converting it into a standard format, we can offer users an easy way to create their schedule visually. Our program simulates official schedule making such as the one used by most students, with a try all feature available to premium users in order to accelerate schedule planning. Further updates, such as allowing for the simultaneous creation of multiple schedules, will be available for premium users, and certain features may be included in the base program.

Smart R-Score Calculator

The R-Score calculator uses our large and growing user base to calculate the R-Score as precisely as possible. When users sign-up, they provide their high school average (which can be changed be later), allowing us to apply the R-Score formula offered by the government with a reasonably high precision index. The calculator relies on the collective data of your class; the more classmates that participate, the more accurate the results. For non-premium users, the R-Score calculator will be active on the first day of each month during the fall and winter semesters.

Why We Charge for Premium and What's Included

Unfortunately, servers aren't free, and neither is maintenance. We ask for a small one-time fee of 8$ for those interested in premium features. Our website continues to evolve, and as our user base grows, we will be offering more services to users. All additional services added after purchase are included for premium users. Premium users have access to the R-Score calculator at all times and can access the try-all feature when creating their schedule. The current fee of 8$ is a discounted fee due to the current work in progress on certain features.

How to Contact Us

For any Questions, comments or concerns, please contact